123,000 cases of sepsis,
46,000 associated deaths

There are approximately 123,000 cases of sepsis per year in England and around 46,000 associated deaths – of which 70% of cases come from the community and directly cost the NHS at least 1.5bn each year.

In the USA, there are around 270,000 deaths per year, and sepsis has a total hospital cost of $20,300,000,000 per year.

Rapid diagnosis is vital

Rapid diagnosis is vital, with the risk of death increasing by nearly 8% per hour delay in the administration of antibiotics to septic patients. It has been recently reported in Australia that early diagnosis and treatment would save 30% of the deaths.

Young, fit, healthy people can develop sepsis even from minor infections. Babies, young children, the elderly and patients with chronic illnesses or immunosuppression, severe burns or wounds are more likely to have a poor outcome.

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A simple, low-cost point of care test

A simple, low-cost point of care test

Sepsense Ltd are developing a novel, highly sensitive, simple, low-cost point of care test for early diagnosis and subsequent therapy monitoring of sepsis. The test allows rapid diagnosis (<5 minutes) using only a blood drop from a finger stick.

The system uses an innovative approach to measure a range of key sepsis markers to cover a wide range of infection sources, stages of inflammatory response and to reduce interference.

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The Sepsense test

The heart of the test is a highly integrated test cartridge, which is cost-effective and disposable. Under the control of a portable instrument, it measures a range of markers at the same time and on the same sample. In the current market similar tests require multiple samples, possibly dispatched to multiple laboratories.

The instrument will present results clearly, aiding the physician in making the best diagnosis.

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